Pirate Broadcasts In Miami Interfere With Airplane Communications

While I am not the biggest fan of the FCC, their blocking radio transmission to provide clear communication between the pilots and ground control is vital for airline safety. Now a  pirate radio station is causing havoc in Miami with pirated radio broadcasts.

Airline pilots departing from Miami International Airport are getting an earful of something unexpected: Hip-hop tunes from a pirate radio station that sometimes interfere with their communications with the control tower.
The music comes on a pair of frequencies from a station that calls itself Da Streetz.
“It’s intermittent. Not all day, everyday,” said Kathleen Bergen, a Federal Aviation Administration spokeswoman. “But clear communication between air control and the pilots is a critical part of flying.”
Authorities traced the signals to an antenna at a nearby warehouse but did not find the disc jockey, although they did confiscate equipment including three computers and a CD player.
Despite that discovery and the seizures, the broadcasts have continued, authorities said.
Pilots who pick up the broadcasts switch to a different frequency to speak with air traffic controllers, Bergen said. via FOXNews.com

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