New Look at the Hotel Hotsheet – New Holiday Inn Select IPod Alarm Clock

First of all, congrats to Megg Mueller at the Hotel Hotsheet over at USA Today. Beautiful layout and an outstanding site. Congrats!

Now for the tip I found over at the Hotsheet. Holiday Inn Select is rolling out an Ipod Alarm Clock for t

Holiday Inn Select hotels is looking to further entice Gen-Xers by appealing to the iPod crowd. Wait. That’s just about everyone, isn’t it? Anyway, the brand is putting the iHome iH5, an all-in-one docking station, charger and clock radio, into its guest rooms.

Go visit the post and take a look at the clock. I have one like it next to my bed, and it is outstanding! Bet Holiday Inn Select will be willing to sell you one too, if you are lucky enough to be at a property that has it.

Also, say hi to Megg, and congratulate her on the new look. Someday the Travel Bloggers will have a site that looks that good… Someday…

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