Monterrey Whale Watching A Big Business


The Monterrey region has seen a shift in what goes on with some of their tourist boating excursions. They originally were used for fishing trips, but most of the boats have been converted for whale watching cruises.

Four of these businesses are based in Monterey, on Fisherman’s Wharf, a quaint tourist magnet — Monterey Whale Watching, Chris’ Fishing Trips, Randy’s Fishing Trips and Monterey Bay Boat Charters. All have been in business for many decades, beginning life as sport-fishing charter operations. Fueled by growing environmental consciousness, films such as Free Willy and countless Discovery Channel documentaries, public interest has shifted from catching salmon and rockfish to oohing and aahing as giant whales spray spume into the foggy Monterey Bay sky. That, combined with ever more stringent Fish and Game Dept. regulations, turned the formerly gore-slick decks of boats with such macho names as Top Gun and Magnum Force into floating marine biology classrooms, complete with narration by trained naturalists. via Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal:.

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