Marriott International Redesigns Hotel Lobbies

MarriottThe needs of the hotel lobby have changed greatly in the last few years. In the past, it was a meeting place. Now with Wi-Fi and other technological advances, the hotel lobby is many things. Marriott is ahead of this trend, and has announces a new initiative to revamp its lobbies.

“Hotels generally invest a significant amount of money in their lobbies — but the traditional use is very limited, like a formal living room that’s no longer popular,” said Mike Jannini, Marriott International’s executive vice president of brand management. “With our great room concept, guests can tailor the use of these marvelous spaces to their own needs, just like they do in their own homes.”
The “welcome zone” will be transformed into more than a place to check-in at the front desk, by offering local information, personalized concierge services and retail offerings.
And the business zone will include a multi-funtional boardroom complete with audio/visual equipment and a revamped business center. via The Business Journal of Phoenix .

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