Increased Hotel Room Rates Pushing Out Flight Crews

My wife, the flight attendant, stays in hotels 2 to 3 nights a week and it is amazing the difference in quality of the hotel rooms she stays as she travels around the country. One night she will be in a 4 star hotel in downtown San Francisco and the next she will be at a less than stellar hotel/motel with no other businesses within range of the property.

Now with a reinvigorated hotel industry, many hotels are not  bidding on the  contracts for flight crew rooms. The rates airlines are paying for hotel rooms are closely guarded secrets as they do not want other companies to see these rates or other hotels in the area to bid on the contracts. The rates are not high, but crew rooms tend to be the worst in the hotel (think ice machines and elevators) and they are  filled year round.

Unless a hotel is running at 80 percent occupancy or better, it’s not a bad idea to have some flight crews, Berger said. The advantage they offer is that they are in the hotel seven days a week and 365 days a year, and that means some income for hotels during, say, Christmas, Thanksgiving and the dead of winter, when they otherwise might be relatively empty.  via Sacramento Business Journal

I will be curious to see the difference between the availability and convenience of the hotels that used by the flight crews. It could be a vicious circle for the airlines as room rates are going up and quality of the hotels that will bid on their business is going down. The  flight crews may  have to adjust to being in lower end properties in this time of airline bankruptcies and discord.


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