Cruise Travelers Should Prepare For Onshore Travel

Queen-mary-2When going on a cruise, there are many opportunities to experience the unique nature of the islands the cruise ship is taking you to, you have to remember that there are some risks. The cruise ship typically has no liability for you while you are off ship unless on an excursion that is sponsored by the ship.

While a seasoned traveler will understand the risks associated of going outside the plan, many others who are not as savvy may expect to always fall under the cruise ships umbrella. Unfortunately when we travel we tend to relax and lower our guard. This may not be what you want to hear going on vacation, but the alternatives of not being prepared in a foreign country can be much worse.

When cruise line passengers participate in onshore excursions like the one that killed 12 people in Chile, they need to take their own legal precautions and not rely on cruise ship company liability, experts said on Thursday.
Passengers need to be particularly careful when they choose tours that aren’t affiliated with the cruise line, said Paul Ruden, senior vice president for the American Society of Travel Agents. That appears to be the case in Chile, according to the cruise line.
Ruden acknowledged some people choose local operators that don’t coordinate with cruise lines because they may offer cheaper tours.
“If you’re comfortable being out on your own, that’s fine, but you’re taking the same risk of being out on your own that you would anywhere,” he said.

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