Cruise Season Slow For Important First Quarter

According to Cruise experts, 2006 is off to a slow start. The first quarter is the most important to the industry as those in the northern parts of the country are sick of winter and book their vacations to get away from it.

However, according to this article in the Miami Herald, the winter has been mild, pricing is higher,  and the bookings are slow.

Every year about this time, the phones practically ring off the hook at travel agencies as winter-weary consumers in northern parts of the United States suddenly start dreaming about spring and summer breaks spent cruising the Caribbean or some other exotic locale.To travel agencies, this is known as ”wave season,” because if you were to chart cruise bookings over the course of a year, you’d get something like a tidal surge from January through March.More cruises are booked during the three months than at any other time of year.But this year, some say, it’s looking more like a ripple, with none of the superlatives used to describe the three-month period previously.”It has not been a strong wave season,” said Marvin Davis, president of Cruise Planners, a Coral Springs-based firm that handles marketing and advertising for about 600 travel agents.Davis blames an unusually warm winter in the Northeast and Midwest, which he says is making people less likely to call up their travel agents. via the

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