Carnival Fantasy and Sensation Changing Itineraries

FascinationStarting April 6th, Carnival Cruise Lines is switching itineraries for two of its ships, the Fantasy and the Sensation. The Sensation is having trouble with its propulsion system and can not complete the longer 5 day cruises that it has  scheduled. What makes this story interesting is that both ships have an identical layout, so except for the branding and name on the individual ships, the passengers will not notice a difference.

The ship is unable to operate at maximum cruising speed to complete five-day itineraries to the Bahamas and Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos, and will take over the Fantasy’s three- and four-day itineraries to the Bahamas. The Fantasy will take over the Sensation’s route.

The Fantasy and Sensation are sister ships with the same features, amenities, accommodations and layout, and passengers’ reservations will automatically change from one ship to the other; booking numbers and stateroom assignments will stay the same. Guests also can use their preexisting cruise documents.

via Travel Weekly

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