Brokeback Mountain Tours Offered By Taiwan Travel Agency


Following the trend of tours going to film and television sites, a Taiwanese travel agency is putting on a tour of the regions used to film the movie Brokeback Mountain. I say more power to them, but I do have to laugh a bit at the imagery.

Can you imagine the sight of a tour full of Taiwanese gays running around the rural town of  Fort Macleod? Sort of Monty Python-ish if you ask me.

“We’re marketing this package especially to gay and lesbian people mainly,” said company spokeswoman Linda Chow.
Gordon MacIvor, the economic development officer for the town of Fort Macleod, where much of the gay love story was filmed, said not every one in the town is excited about it becoming a destination for gay travellers. But he said any visitors to the town will be welcomed and not judged.
“We are in a modern society today, so there have been a lot of movies out on controversial issues and it’s your own personal judgment on it,” MacIvor told CBC Radio.  via CBC News

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