Bahrain Ferry Sinks off Coast

There was a ferry accident off of Bahrain on the evening of March 30th. Over 150 people were on board the vessel, and the Bahrain News Agency is reporting casualties.

The vessel was on an evening cruise that was to last several hours when it overturned less than a mile off the coast, the Bahrain News Agency reported.
The agency said Bahrain’s coast guard boats arrived at the site and that rescue operations had begun.

Cmdr. Jeff Breslau, a spokesman for the Bahrain-based Navy 5th fleet, told The Associated Press that that the U.S. personnel were en route, but had no other details.
“We’re sending divers, small boats and a helicopter right now,” Breslau said.
The sinking came about two months after an Egyptian ferry sank in the Red Sea, killing about 1,000 people. The vessel was en route from the Saudi port of Dubah to the Egyptian port of Safaga when it went down before dawn about 60 miles off the Egyptian coast. via WBBM 780

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