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Man Attempts Cockpit Invasion on New York to Tampa Flight

A man on a flight from LaGuardia to Tampa St Pete was subdued by passengers in first class as he attempted to gain access to the cockpit of a Delta Air Lines flight. He has been taken into custody, but this is a great example of how a 9/11 would have a hard time occurring. No one will stand still for someone creating an inflight incident.

A man who tried to force his way into the cockpit of a Tampa-bound Delta Air Lines jet was undergoing mental evaluation on Friday, Tampa International Airport officials said.
Passengers said the man ran up the aisle toward the cockpit door just before the flight from New York’s LaGuardia Airport was about to land in Tampa on Thursday night.
Passengers in the first-class section of the plane tackled and subdued the man, who was turned over to police after the McDonnell Douglas MD-88 landed. Airport spokesman Lewis Miller told a local television station that the man was unarmed and that his intentions were unclear.
Cockpit doors on all U.S. airliners have been locked since the September 11 hijackings.

US News Article | Reuters.com.

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