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Ebola On Virgin Atlantic Flight Scares Crew and Passengers

VirginThe crew and fellow passengers are a bit nervous after a passenger on a Virgin Atlantic flight died of what seems to be ebola. The flight that landed yesterday carried the woman whom was vomiting and ended up unconscious on the flight to London.

The unnamed woman is understood to work at an embassy in the African kingdom of Lesotho.
Before boarding a Virgin Atlantic flight from Johannesburg to Heathrow she visited a doctor complaining of flu-like symptoms.
She was allowed to fly, but during Flight VS602 to the UK she suffered a violent fit which left her unconscious.
Cabin crew and passengers rushed to her aid but towards the end of the flight she began to vomiting.

When the Airbus A340-600, carrying 267 passengers and crew, touchdown at Heathrow she was rushed to nearby Hillingdon Hospital, West London.
Her symptoms matched those of the viral haemorraghing fever, ebola. The results of a post mortem are awaited. via Mirror.co.uk

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    These stories were both inaccurate and the patient did not die from
    ebola. Unfortunately the Mirror did not listen to what I was saying and
    preferred to take false information from Virgin cabin crew.

    Caroline Lord
    Press Officer

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