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Southwest Planes Turns Back From Providence Because Air Traffic Controller Was Not Working

Southwest2In a weird story, a Southwest flight heading from Baltimore to Providence had to turn back as there was no one in the control tower to handle the flights landing, so the plane had to return to Baltimore. The flights passengers had to sleep at the airport overnight.

Southwest requested that the tower remain open past its typical midnight closing time. Southwest is  claiming that the tower refused to stay open and the flight had to return  to Baltimore, while the FAA is reporting that Southwest did not need someone in the tower to land.

But let me ask this question, if the pilot landed without  someone in the tower and their was a problem, would that be the smartest and safest move? I think someone in the FAA screwed up and they are covering their proverbial behinds.

It was so sad, and we were treated like cattle,” said Michelle Harvey, who was flying home from Baltimore with her mother.
“And then when we were flying, the pilot got on. He sounded greatly distressed. He said, ‘There’s no one at the tower in Providence. We have to go back.’ We were about 10 minutes out. Ten or 15 minutes out,” Harvey said.
The passengers had to camp out overnight at the airport in Baltimore.
Passenger Jillian Costa shot home video of the ordeal.
“This guy right here,” Costa said, talking about the video, “he slept in the corner with an oxygen mask on. It was terrible, with a piece of newspaper underneath him.”
Costa was traveling with an infant, and she wasn’t the only one.
“I had no formula. Nothing. He’s been in the same diaper since 1:15 this morning,” Costa said.  via TurnTo10

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