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Buffalo Airport Incident: Alif Chowdhury Yells “It’s Time To Die”

What some may be calling a prank and others a dangerous and terrifying action, Alif Chowdhury ripped off his backpack and yelled “It’s Time To Die” at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport at about 9:30 p.m. Monday. The boy was taken into custody by police and is now having a psychiatric evaluation.  

Authorities say the 16-year-old boy (Alif Chowdhury) from Garden City, Long Island was with his father (Ehsan Chowdhury) waiting outside a terminal prior to their flight to J-F-K Airport.

Passers-by became suspicious of the youth’s behavior and alerted airport police. The teen — who was dressed in a white robe-like garment — became agitated while officers questioned his father. Officials say he said he wasn’t afraid to die and tried to pull something out of his backpack.

The officers subdued the youth, who was carrying cell phones in the backpack but nothing dangerous. The teen was taken to a Buffalo hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. via WSTM Television.

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