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ALPA, The Pilots Union, Watches Clerical Employees Strike

Alpa logoIn one of the  funnier stories to emerge from the saga that is Delta Airlines and its bankruptcy is the story coming today out of ALPA offices. ALPA is the union that represents the Delta pilots. They will not be firing on all cylinders over the next few days as they are in the midst of a strike.

Strike you ask? Sure, but this time ALPA is not striking anyone, but is being struck by its clerical union workers. With the paycuts across the industry, the union is in fierce negotiations with its clerical union raising health care costs and lowering pay raises.

“The irony isn’t lost on us,” said Pete Janhunen, a spokesman in ALPA’s national office. “We’re a union, but we’re also an employer.”
Representatives of the Union of ALPA Professionals and Administrative Employees, Unit 2, could not be reached for comment.
Janhunen said ALPA’s Washington headquarters, along with local ALPA offices for pilots at Delta, Atlantic Southeast Airlines and numerous other carriers are affected. Union lawyers and other professionals are working from other locations on “core” issues such as Delta’s bankruptcy proceedings, he said.
ALPA’s clerical workers rejected a three-year deal with “modest” pay raises but higher health care costs, according to Janhunen. The 62,000-member ALPA has had to tighten its belt after its dues declined about 20 percent during the industry’s hard times in recent years, he noted, adding that ALPA can’t afford to budge much from the rejected pact.via ajc.com.

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