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El Al Says To Newark Airport, Let Us Screen Our Own Baggage

ElalThe indictment of TSA is complete. The Israeli airline, El Al, is asking permission to screen it’s own baggage instead of the TSA agents. The underlying question is, are the TSA agents so incompetent that a foreign airline will not trust our agents to check their baggage for bombs?

There is one word for that. Yikes!

“This was strictly at the request of El Al, and we want to be sensitive to the security threats they face in their particular part of the world,” said Amy von Walter, a TSA spokeswoman.
The arrangement, which also allows El Al Airlines to use its own screening personnel, points to a continuing problem in the U.S. government’s ability to safeguard commercial airliners. Since the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, undercover tests at U.S. airports, including Newark Liberty, have consistently shown that TSA screeners miss a significant number of fake explosives.
“El Al knows our security isn’t worth a hoot,” said Michael Boyd, an aviation industry consultant from Colorado and a longtime TSA critic. “It’s a heck of an indictment for the TSA when a foreign airline says they want to screen their own luggage. It says they don’t trust us.”
Aviation experts agree El Al has the toughest airline security system in the world, including intensive training of its personnel, extensive luggage searches, tough questioning of passengers and armed guards on board every flight.

Israeli airline gains control over screening.

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