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Massport Looks Into Using RFID to Track Baggage

RFID BagtagWith the new technologies, airports all across the country and world are looking to stop the loss of over 30 million bags a year. This represents a significant cost in terms of money and customer dissatisfaction for the airlines. There are  new technologies that are being looked at, the most prevalent being RFID to track bags. MASSPORT, the managing concern for Boston Logans airport is looking into the pros and cons of RFID as a baggage tracking technology.

With roughly 30 million suitcases lost during air travel every year and a tracking standard — a paper bar code on each item — that is only about 75 percent accurate, airport officials from Logan to Lisbon are searching for new technologies to help stem the tide of lost baggage.
Chip-based radio frequency identification (RFID) has been presented as a possible solution, and some airports, including the Beijing Capital International Airport, which launched a pilot program last month, have gone so far as to implement limited trials. But static electricity that builds up as suitcases rub and bump along conveyor belts can render chip-based tags impotent, while exposure to X-ray machines can affect data transmissions, say officials. via Mass High Tech

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