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Red Rock Canyon – A Rock Climbing Mecca Right Next to Las Vegas


One would never guess one of the best rock climbing locations in the country is Red Rock Canyon. With over 2,000 routes, the region provides climbing opportunities for every level climber. What makes this opportunity even better is that Red Rock Canyon is only 17 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. If you are looking at combining the excitement of Las Vegas and the joy of rock climbing, Red Rock Canyon is a great choice.

Since the 1970’s, when climbers first came to the area, more than 2,000 rock climbing routes have been pioneered on Red Rock Canyon’s tall cliffs and sandstone domes. Recent surveys show that more than 100,000 climbers visit Red Rock Canyon each year, according to Jed Botsford, an outdoor recreation planner with the park.
Red Rock is an austere wilderness of arid plains and Joshua trees. Mountain peaks rise thousands of feet off the desert floor. Petroglyphs bake in the sun. Wild burros and desert tortoises track the park’s coarse sand.
The strange geology of the region, including giant petrified sand dunes, strata thrusts and sedimentary capstone, make Red Rock Canyon a unique and varied climbing environment. Difficult single-pitch (one rope length) climbs flank roadside crags. The mountain faces, reached via wilderness hiking trails, are among North America’s most unrelenting formations: some cliffs reach above 3,000 feet, more than twice the height of the Empire State Building and nearly as sheer. via New York Times.

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