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Cruise liner Calypso Has Fire – Towed to Southampton


It looks like the cruise ship Calypso had an engine room fire in the English channel as it left Zeebrugge in Belgium on its way to Guernsey. There are no reports of injury on the vessel carrying mostly Dutch passengers.

A cruise liner was under tow in the English Channel after it caught fire in the early hours of Saturday with more than 700 people on board. None of the mainly Dutch passengers or the crew of the Cyprus-registered Calypso were injured.

Lifeboats and a coastguard helicopter were scrambled but the crew had put out the blaze in the engine room before they arrived.

The boat had been making for the Channel island of Guernsey from Zeebrugge in Belgium.

It was expected to arrive in Southampton on Saturday evening.

A team from the newly-launched Maritime Incident Response Group was lowered on to the vessel to investigate the fire. It was their first live job.

The ship had to be towed to port by a tug because its engine could not be restarted.

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: Cruise liner towed to safety after Channel fire.

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