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New York City’s Randall Island Getting Water Park

A massive water park is going to be built on Randall Island just north of Manhattan in New York City. The water park is expected to open for the summer of 2007 and will have 80 foot high water slides, wave pools, and an indoor beach. The expected cost of the project will be 168 million dollars and they will be expecting 1.3 million visitors a year.

RandallsIslandWaterParkGrowing up in the New York suburbs, there  are  many beaches around that are the main attraction for the summer time. Yet, the lure  of Great Adventure  in New Jersey is an annual pilgrimage for many and I think this water park will also be a huge draw.

The water park, designed by the New York state-based Aquatic Development Group, is a virtual done deal. The city’s Franchise and Concession Review Committee voted on April 11 to allow the proposed 35-year lease with Aquatic Development Group.
And so New Yorkers will soon have access to an amenity previously found only in locations like Scotrun, Pennsylvania, or Mason, Illinois, or Grapevine, Texas.
The New York attraction will include wave pools, action rivers and wading pools, and plenty of slides. A seven-acre indoor beach will give New Yorkers a year-round attraction; Coney Island, in contrast, is strictly seasonal (except to those twisted Polar Bear Club swimmers who take an annual winter dip in the Atlantic).
The new construction won’t affect any of the other events on the island, including concerts and various track meets in the Icahn Stadium.  via CNN.com

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