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Credit Cards Monitored By Credit Card Companies Can Ruin a Vacation

The huge levels of credit card fraud is ruining many vacations. When you make a purchase outside of your normal pattern, the credit card companies software picks this up. They may try to contact you, and if they are unable to, will put a hold to avoid false charges on your card. As the credit card companies are liable for this, they are well within their rights to protect their interests.

MSNBC travel has an article on this trend, and things you can do to protect yourself.

Do you need a visa for your Visa? Maybe. A stamp of approval in advance of departure will make charging much easier overseas. If you are planning to travel to far-flung destinations, here are some tips to make sure your credit card keeps on charging:

  • Call your credit card company or the bank that issues your card and let them know your travel itinerary — both dates and destinations.
  • Make sure you have the issuer’s special toll-free number for overseas customer service. The regular 800 number, which is usually listed on the back of the card, will not work outside the United States and Canada.
  • Make a note of your card number and the overseas customer service number, and keep them in a safe place separate from the card. That way, if the card is stolen, you will have the necessary information to make a report.

Even with advance notification, you may not be able to spend as you please while you are abroad. Certain charge patterns will still arouse suspicion, and your card may be subject to spending limits, so you should always carry a second credit card. via  MSNBC.com.

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