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Registered Traveler Program to Roll Out to 10-20 New Airports

The Registered Traveler Program is an initiative that will allow private companies to pre-screen airline travelers for an annual fee to allow them to pass by the majority of security procedures and save time at the nations airports. The program is being tested in Orlando presently, but is now being readied to roll out to 10 to 20 other airports across the country. The program is run by private companies and does background checks on travelers and if approved, provides expedited security lanes for these travelers.

“TSA is working with airports and private sector providers, and we will enable the private sector to launch Registered Traveler programs as soon as this summer,” said Assistant Secretary for TSA, Kip Hawley. “Security will be maintained, the program will be paid for by the private sector, and it will not disadvantage the general public when they fly.” via the TSA

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  1. Apparently, critics have been saying that Registered Traveler is a back-door attempt at implementing CAPPS II (Computer Assister Passenger Pre-Screening System II), a counter-terrorism system in place in the United States air travel industry.

    Naysayer are also afraid that terrorists could just ask all their members to apply until some of them do qualify. Others, on the other hand, are afraid that this “become the largest surveillance system in American history, but with virtually no public awareness.”

    Tom Paine has raised even more interesting points (http://www.tompaine.com/articles/are_you_registered_traveler.php)

    As for me, I’d rather line up longer than usual.

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