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Princess Cruise Lines Initiates Balcony Fire Monitoring Systems

Star_princess_fireAfter the horrific fire aboard the Star Princess that killed 1 and injured 11 that started aboard a passengers balcony, Princess cruises has initiated a policy to address balcony fires. The cruise industry has been under tremendous scrutiny this past year and the Star Princess fire was one of many instances that caused the industry a black eye.

Princess said that as a result of their findings they are immediately implementing precautions designed to prevent such a fire from happening again, and if a fire were to happen on a balcony, “to quickly detect and extinguish” it.

This includes 24-hour fire watch of balconies; specific training and fire response procedures for the crew, especially for handling fires on balconies; enhanced communication to passengers regarding fire safety; and changing housekeeping procedures on balconies. via Travel Weekly

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