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Is Hooters Air Making Last Call?

HootersairThe last few months have been troubling watching Hooters Air as it has cancelled service abruptly in many cities, and now reports are surfacing that the company is falling behind on its bills.

Hooters Air owes more than $1 million for fuel sales to LVIA; by comparison, the airport brought in $21.7 million in revenue last year. The Myrtle Beach, S.C. airline has been struggling with fuel costs since the fall, airport officials said. It began flying at LVIA last year. The Morning Call

Meanwhile other debts are surfacing that the company is saying is not that important.

According to Hooters Air, that’s about two weeks worth of fuel.

Horry County said Hooters owes $79,700 in past-due costs to Myrtle Beach International. In all, the airline owes $91,328 for rent and fees, the county reported in an e-mail to The Sun News on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Hooters canceled flight service to Northwest Chicagoland Regional Airport at Rockford, Ill., in January, but still owes the airport about $20,000 for refueling and ticket counter services, said John Emery, president of Emery Air, which provides fixed-base operations at the airport.

We have enjoyed covering Hooters Air and hope they can make it through this rough patch. They do have the best wings in the sky.

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