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Skybus, The Next Low Cost Carrier?

SkybusIn an interesting announcement, the Mayor of Columbus Michael Coleman presented a new airline Skybus that is planned to begin flying in 2007. The Skybus Airlines website does not offer much information but  an email address, a physical address, a board of directors and leadership team, and an image of their planned aircraft.

Being based in Columbus, Ohio and obviously a low cost carrier, the company looks like it hits some of the criteria for success in todays marketplace. I am baffled that a City Mayor would announce the arrival of a new airline. There are many hurdles to cross in getting an airline started before announcements that the airline will change the future of a city as large as Columbus.

We will follow the story of this company as time goes along.

Also on Coleman’s agenda was the announcement of a new hometown airline set for take off in 2007. “We will be launching Columbus’ first airline, Skybus,” beamed Coleman. By providing direct flights to more locations, it has the potential to create hundreds jobs here in Central Ohio.

“It will help us attract more businesses to the city as well as potentially increase conventions and tourism,” said Elaine Roberts of the Columbus Regional Airport Authority.  But with many airlines struggling, the plan may sound risky. It’s a chance, Coleman says, the city is willing to take.

“If we don’t begin to shed our fears and start doing things that will make a difference in our city, then we’ll never get there,” Coleman added following the address.

WBNS-10TV Columbus, Ohio: Transportation a Big Ticket in State of City.

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