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Japan Air Rage Incident, With No Punishment

JapanairlinesWe all must remember some times it is a different world. In Japan, a passenger was told to turn off his cell phone and assaulted a flight attendant. In the United States the person would have promptly been arrested and be facing many federal charges.

In Japan, all it took was an apology and the plane went on its way. Amazing.

The departure of Friday’s JAL Flight 1864 bound for Haneda Airport was delayed for about one hour.
According to JAL, the man in his 30s refused to stop e-mailing on his cell phone despite a flight attendant’s repeated warnings, even after the aircraft started taxiing.
Though he finally turned off his cell phone, he went to the galley area and grabbed the flight attendant by the collar, saying: “Don’t come out of here again. I hate seeing your face,” and spat at her.
After being informed of the incident, the captain decided to return to the terminal. Flight attendants removed the man from the plane, but as he promised to behave, allowed him to return to his seat. via the DAILY YOMIURI ONLINE (The Daily Yomiuri).

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