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Canadian Couple Murdered at Mexican Resort

Domenico_ianieroDomenic and Nancy Ianiero were murdered at the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort, an hour south of Cancun in Mexico while attending the marriage of their daughter. That would be a be a story unto itself. But vacation murders are never simple it seems like these days.

Domenic Ianiero, 59, and his wife, Annunziata, 55, were beginning a two-week vacation and attending the marriage of one of their two daughters in an exotic tropical ceremony along with 16 friends and family.

They arrived Saturday at the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort, a sprawling, all-inclusive resort about an hour’s drive south of Cancun along a stretch of white sand beaches that draws tens of thousands of Canadians each year.

Within 36 hours, they were lying in a pool of their own blood, their throats expertly slit from ear to ear, police said.

It was a killing performed by someone who was sure of hand and purpose, the gashes identically deep and clean. (Toronto Star, February 23rd)

BacaloresortThere are strong indications that the couple were murdered by three female guests staying on the same floor of the hotel and murdered hours before these guests left to return to Canada. There were footprints that had blood on them that lead from the Ianieros room to the room down the hall that had residue of blood on them.

The strongest evidence police have, the official said yesterday, were bloody footprints leading from the Ianieros’ room to another down the hall occupied by the Canadians who “ordered room service for three and they asked for towels for three” last Sunday night. Mexican police suggest the Ianieros were killed that night sometime between midnight and 3 a.m.

Police say the women used the towels to wipe traces of blood from their room.

The blood was later detected by forensic equipment, said the source who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Police in Mexico allege the three boarded a flight back to Canada hours later, but haven’t specified where, after hotel staff discovered the victims with their throats slashed.

Asked how such a gruesome crime was committed by three females, the source said wedding photographs obtained by police show the women to be “very strong.” (The Star, February 26th)

The people registered into the room at the hotel were not properly accounted for by the hotel personnel. They used the names King and Everald. King Everald is the name of an obscure reggae band.

We will keep an eye on this case as it will be interesting to see how it can be brought to a resolution with the Mexican and Canadian governments involved. Was it a planned murder or did it happen due to a disagreement in Mexico?

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  1. Interesting article. Misses a lot. For example, the two people did not check in as “King Everald”, their last names are Kim and Everall. Somebody there is overdosing on old reggae.

    They are medical professionals, single mothers in their 30s from Thunder Bay Ontario. The Mexican police hasn’t looked too impressive during the investigation and the general opinion in Canada is that they cooked up this story to protect the tourist industry in the area. Who knows, though.

    If that’s what they’re doing, it’s backfiring, because now we have the sense that you can be murdered there, and nobody will protect you, but you can also be falsely accused there of murder to protect the industry. Women have committed murder before, but it just sounds very improbable with these two. Maybe the room service maid tracked some blood in.

  2. Well it looks like the Canadian murders in Mexico still remain unsolved. Does anyone wonder why? The Mexican government/police appear to be covering up this crime in order to restore their tourism industry. From the start this case was doomed. As a tourist, I not only feel less safe due to crime in Mexico but as well as the “quick to solve and deflect” accusations against innocent vacationers. Do you really want to be a victim of false accusations as these two poor Canadian women?

    The ever changing stories: first it was two Canadian women and then three Canadian women who left in a hurry. This was total bunk and these two women are found to be totally innocent. Then we were told it was a mob hit (was this because the victims were Italian … another insult.) Why would the “mob” travel all the way to Mexico to knock them off when they could have done it in Canada? Another bogus claim!

    Later we find out that the crime scene was unprotected and cleaned up before a thorough investigation. Maids cleaned up the scene and used the Canadian women’s room, thus the blood in their room. The resort was lacking in security. Several vacationers reported being able to open other rooms with their keys as well as several windows had been found pried open. Another vacationer saw bloody footprints leading to the garden. We now find out that four hotel employees have not returned to work since the crime and are now considered suspects. Also, a knife was found by an American couple a few blocks away from this hotel.

    I’m sure the next thing we will find out is that the Easter bunny was involved!

  3. deana silverstone

    I agree 100% with the previous writer; this investigation is totally bogus, I myself will not go to Mexico until its resolved in a credible manner; as it stands now, I have to wonder whether the Mexican authorities think we are total bozos up here, ready to accept any story they put forward on a particular day of the week. Now the latest is an anonymous “letter” from within Canada, fingering 3 OTHER Canadians. Why am I not surprised that the finger continually points outside of Mexico, like its so safe there, such a great reputation: who are they trying to kid?????? The stories get more and more bizaree; now the Mexican police are coming to Canada to investigate — PULHEESE, you screwed up there, do you think you can do any better here?

  4. I agree that this investigation is bogus, I call on Canadians to boycott Mexico as a tourism destination; think about it would you want the Mexican authorities giving out “official” bs about someone you know – involving a murder? The stories will continue and the truth will never come out. The only truth to the authorities is cold hard cash. We can show them that we understand their language. Send them a message loud and clear that we do understand just what they are all about.

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