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Trump Looking to Expand Casino Business Into Rhode Island

TrumpIt looks like the state governments are not all that thrilled that Indian Casino’s are generating huge returns without  paying state taxes. So they are slowly starting to allow gaming licenses in their states. Rhode Island has opened the doors by allowing a single gaming license originally aimed at getting Harrah’s Casino to build a property. Now Donald Trump is in the mix as he is looking to attain the license.

 “Donald Trump wants to ‘put Johnston, R.I., on the map’ with a resort-casino to rival what Harrah’s Entertainment has proposed for West Warwick. For the last several years, state lawmakers have been negotiating terms and tax rates for an exclusive casino-operating license with Harrah’s alone.

“Yesterday, James B. Perry, president and CEO of Trump Entertainment Resorts, came to town to launch what he described as a campaign to persuade Rhode Island lawmakers to set the terms and tax rate themselves and then allow competitive bidding for a single casino-operating license.

“…He said the Trump organization — and its Rhode Island development partner, David H. Nunes — also took their cue from recent comments by high-placed lawmakers that led them to believe the legislature is again open to the recommendation made in 2003 by a House gambling study commission for competitive bidding…”

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