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Woman Smuggles Human Head From Haiti to Fort Lauderdale

Customs_inspectorA woman is facing up to 15 years in jail for attempting to smuggle a human head into the United States from Haiti this past week. She is thought to have tried to bring the head into the country for voodoo purposes.

Can you imagine the poor customs inspector looking into the bag? Here they are looking for too much liquor or duty free and they pull out a head? And my guess is they do not have scanners at the Haitian airport.  

Myrlene Severe, 30, a permanent U.S. resident, arrived Thursday afternoon from Cap Haitien, Haiti, aboard Lynx International Airlines Flight 210, said Barbara Gonzalez, a spokeswoman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Miami.
Customs and Border Protection officials “found a human head with organic matter inside of her checked baggage,” ICE Special Agent Erick Hernandez wrote in an affidavit in support of a criminal complaint.
Severe told authorities “she had obtained the package, which contained the human head, from a male in Haiti for … use as a part of her voodoo beliefs. Severe also stated that the purpose of the package was to ward off evil spirits,” Hernandez wrote.
“It still had teeth, hair and bits of skin and lots of dirt,” Gonzalez said.
The criminal complaint filed Friday charges Severe with smuggling a human head into the U.S. without proper documentation, failure to declare the head and transporting hazardous material in air commerce.


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