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Hooters Hotel Casino Open in Las Vegas

HooterscasinoHooters Hotel Casino is now  open in Las Vegas. With bright orange everywhere, and young ladies throughout the property wearing the traditional hooters outfits, the Hotel and Casino is now open to the general public after 10 months of renovating the old San Remo Casino just off the strip.

I am wondering if this is another ploy to increase the odds in the houses favor. Trying to keep track of ones cards amongst the curvaceous dealers will be a test for even the most stoic gambler.

Hooterscasino2The former San Remo property has been “hooterized.” Final touches are being put on the rooms, including bar tables and stools complete with bright orange lighting. From the casino floors to the rooms, this place is bound to be a hoot.
One of the unique things about this new resort is the fact that you can make reservations for the Hooters Hotel Casino in Las Vegas from any Hooters Restaurant. They have the Hooters Hotline; all you have to do is pick up the orange phone which will connect you directly to the Vegas resort.
“We’re putting in a reservation terminal in each of the 400 restaurants domestically. You’ll be able to pick up the orange hotline with a direct call right to Las Vegas and let us know you’re coming and we’ll book you a room,” said Richard Langloix, Senior VP of Marketing. via KVBC

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