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Amtrak Ordeal – Arrives in NYC 28 hours late

Amtrak_logoThis sounds like the ride from Hell. It is one thing to have a traveling fiasco, another to have it between Florida and New York.

Amtrak’s Silver Meteor train arrived in New York from Florida more than 28 hours late on New Year’s Eve, releasing more than 100 exhausted, hungry and angry passengers.

Their train had been stuck in Jacksonville, Fla., for half a day because of a derailed CSX freight train, then stopped again in rural Georgia as they waited for the tracks to reopen. A litany of complaints echoed through New York’s Penn Station as about 100 passengers finally stepped off the escalator from the tracks below.

Some train cars ran out of toilet paper. People ran out of money to buy food. Young children were cranky and scared, and some adults were concerned about running out of medications, passengers said. USATODAY.com.

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  1. On trip from seatle to los angeles, there was no accident. Amtrak was still 6.5 hour late. Don’t take amtrak.

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