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Affordable Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

BathsCaveIconThe Baths are usually the first thing people think of when they hear “Virgin Gorda”.

The Baths represent the stellar natural attraction of the British Virgin Islands, with exotic pools and grottos formed by giant boulders strewn across sand beaches.

Explorers will revel in the hidden rooms with shafts of light, snorkelers in the coral ledges and caves, sunbathers/ swimmers in the white sand beaches adding to the sparkling clarity of the water

Virgin Gorda is also a favorite of the boating crowd. The Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour is busy year round as sailors stop in to resupply and partake of the local restaurants and beach bars. Virgin Gorda has always been outside the typical travellers plans, so it is welcoming to those who prefer to travel unconventionally.

Travel And Leisure reviews the affordable and unique Guavaberry Spring Bay Villas:

“The tree-house villas at Guavaberry Spring Bay are on a curved bijou of a beach. A couple of picnic tables are available for lunching on items bought in the honor-system commissary (Guavaberry has no restaurant or room service). Rooms are spacious and adequate, though style-seekers would be advised to look elsewhere.

Other more expensive and more famous hotels include the Bitter End Yacht Club, Biras Creek, and Little Dix Bay.

Favorite Restaurants on Virgin Gorda include:

Map of Virgin Gorda.


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