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Gas Prices Rise for the Christmas Travel Season

Gas_pumpWith the combination of storms throughout the northeast and rising demand for gasoline, prices at the pump have gone up about 20 cents per gallon in the past week. With millions planning on driving long distances this will add to the costs of travel to visit the relatives.

According to the American Automobile Association’s (AAA) daily fuel gauge report, a gallon of regular unleaded gas is about $2.05, but can be as high as $2.19 at some gas stations.

But why the increase? AAA blames the increase on an increase in home heating fuel costs.

“Generally you’ll find that there’s an increase in home heating fuel and an increase in crude oil price as well,” said Garrett Townsend of AAA. The increase comes in the middle of the busy holiday travel season. Add winter weather to that, and experts aren’t sure how high prices could go.

“This is winter time, so you’re going to expect that there are going to be periodic storms. You can expect that there’s going to be an increase there. And of course, it’s a driving season. We just came out of Thanksgiving, and we’re going into the Christmas driving season. Hopefully, there will be a leveling-out,” Townsend said.

Until then, motorists are best advised to brace themselves. It could be a long winter. Via WXIA Atlanta

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