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Christmas Fares for Air Travel Up 14 Percent From Last Year

This is more good news for the airline industry as a whole.

Christmastime air travelers are paying more for tickets this year than last, fueling a bit of holiday cheer among downtrodden U.S. airlines.

According to an analysis of fares by Sabre Airline Solutions for USA TODAY, the average round trip for travel around Christmas and New Year’s costs $412. That’s up $50, or 14%, from a year ago. Sabre looked at November ticket purchases for domestic travel for the two weeks starting Wednesday. Yet, loftier fares don’t appear to be scaring passengers away.

Airlines sold roughly the same number of tickets in November for holiday travel as they did last year, the analysis shows. The fact that traveler demand is holding despite higher fares and more crowded planes is encouraging to troubled airlines, says Sabre consultant Steven Hendrickson. It suggests that airlines can nudge prices up during high-demand periods without losing customers. via USA Today

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